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Max Interstate Removalists For Safe Moving To shift your home safely, you need professionals like us. With our safe moving service, we make our customers smile with satisfaction.
Max Interstate Removalists

Max Interstate Removalists

Residential Moving

Residential Moving

This involves the process of relocating a household’s belongings from one residence to another. This can include packing, loading, transporting, and unloading items such as furniture, appliances, and personal possessions.

Furniture Moving

Furniture Moving

We have certified removalists, moving trucks and packing boxes for furniture moving. Additionally, we can also provide additional services such as packing and unpacking, and storage solutions if needed.

Commercial Moving

Commercial Moving

Commercial moving requires a great deal of planning and coordination, and our professional movers have experience and expertise in this type of move. This will ensure that the process is smooth, and efficient, and minimizes downtime for your business.

Moving Services We Provide

Packaging & Unpacking

Packaging & Unpacking

This typically involves larger quantities of equipment and supplies, as well as a greater number of employees. The process of packing and unpacking can be complex and requires careful planning, coordination, and execution. We have expertise in these all.

Moving Services

Moving Services

Our movers will safely load and unload all items onto the moving truck and transport them to the new location. Once the items are delivered and unloaded, movers will assemble and install all equipment, furniture, and supplies at the new location.

Moving Protection

Moving Protection

Our professional packers will carefully pack and label all items in protected moving boxes, ensuring they are protected during transport. Our professional movers will visit the current and new locations to assess the logistics of the move and provide a quote.

Storage Facility

Storage Facility

If needed, we can provide temporary or long-term storage solutions for items that can’t be moved immediately. We have the facility to store all types of things we manage during residential or commercial moves.

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I recently used Max Interstate Removalists for my cross-state move and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. The team was professional, and efficient, and took great care of all of my belongings. They made the moving process stress-free and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a top-notch moving company.”

Adam Rose

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Moving time can depend on various factors such as the number of bedrooms, valuables, location, etc. For example, packing and moving things for one bedroom would take nearly 5 hours, while if one needs to pack and move items from 4 rooms, it can take up to 22 hours.

    Depending on your consignment, you can choose the vehicle; for example, if there’s a lot to carry, then you can book a truck, and if the items are fewer, then you can choose to backload. If in case, your consignment doesn’t fit in one load, you can also book and seek service for other vehicles by paying its charges at Max Interstate Removalists.

    The number of boxes might vary per the number of rooms, people, and items. For example, if you are packing for two bedrooms, then approximately 15 minor and 25 large boxes will be required. Whereas, if you pack for three bedrooms, then the number of moving boxes can rise to 30 minor and 50 large boxes

    This might depend if the customer is letting us unpack and is willing to return the cartons; we might consider taking them. It is done because it’s suitable for our nature, so let us save resources.

    Max Interstate Removalists are available 24/7 at your service. All you need to do is to schedule your booking a few days before you plan to move. Because this will let the experts assess, plan, pack and move quickly.

    All of your items are valuable to us; thus, we have perfect moving boxes for packing. You can find treasure-pak, LCD plasma-pak, multi-pak, flexi art-pak, readers-pak, fashion-pak, shade-pak, bottle-pak, TV & Computer-pak, etc. kinds of boxes that are used to pack and move your items safely. You can also get your crate customised as per your requirement.

    Yes, you can seek services from Max Interstate Removalists to assemble and disassemble items. For this, you need to visit the company’s website and fill in the required details to book services, such as your name, number, email, address, location, and other stuff.

    To make any changes to your pick-up or delivery date, you need to connect with the team at least two days before the scheduled date. This will allow you and the movers to take up the moving process much better.

    It is all up to you. The removalists are experts in their work; thus, they can do the packing, moving, and unloading smoothly. But for this, you need to discuss and assign things beforehand so that no issue arises later.

    Book your removalists at least 6 to 8 weeks before moving is always a great idea. During this time, the movers might assess, plan, pack, and move your items safely. Last-moment booking can be quite troubling for you, so booking at least one month before is good.

    Client Reviews

    Reasonable Prices

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    15 February 2023

    I saw that the team had a great deal of expertise and knowledge. They were cautious with my furniture, wrapping it in padded coverings to ensure optimum and adequate protection. The delivery was punctual and went off without a hitch. I suggest that anyone looking for fast, safe furniture removal consider hiring this company; the prices are reasonable.

    Kate Lear

    Outstanding Services

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    15 February 2023

    I had a set of antique furniture that I wanted to have moved, and my friend recommended this company. Not only did they move my furniture, but they also alleviated my worries. I couldn’t have asked for a better deal at the price I got. The company’s service was outstanding.

    Annika de Rabbids

    Safe And Secure

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    31 January 2023

    I contacted a furniture relocation company to help with the bulky furniture in our home. I was quoted a reasonable price and decided to go with them without considering any other options. I am so pleased that the team transported the furniture safely and securely to Sydney within the allocated timeframe without any issues.

    Jason Pouhila

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